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History of expeditions to the island of Arakamchechen

1990 year, call 4K4/EK0AK. Activation NEW ONE of the island of Arakamchechen AS-071 by a polar radio expedition “East Arctic-90”, which organized a “fan-shaped” activation of several arctic islands by separate groups, one of them having two people was headed by Yury Sushkin (ex. RW0K/UA9OPA/N7UJN, now N3QQ).
Managed 1900++ QSO.

The radial expedition by three NEW ONE; AS-069 (Iony Island), AS-070 (East Siberian Sea Coast East group),  AS-071 (Bering Sea Coast North group) was organized and coordinated by Yury Zaruba UA9OBA – President of RRC club, whose group was operating from Iony Island in the middle of Okhotsk sea -  EK0AC, and after returning home – from the radio station NETI UZ9OWD (nw RW9OWD).

Yury Sushkin N3QQ (1991 year)

Article about the expedition in the Italian magazine RadioRivista.

 Next activations AS-071, UA0KAP in 1991, from March 04 - till March 07

 QSL received by an expedition in March of 1991 year, managed 480 QSO.

(ex. UA0KAP/RW6BN, now R7BN)

UA0KAP, (1991)

From recollections of Valery Popov (UA0KAP) about expedition

My activity from the island of Arakamchechen occured in 1991, from March 04 - till March 07.  It was a visit to the island within the IOTA program. Yury Sushkin involved me into his journey.
We came there with my colleague at off-road GAZ-71 through Rumilet using the snowroad to Yarakynot. Made a stop in a gully near a lake.

We had some food with us and coal, military electro generator UD-2 (2KW), antenna mast from Sosna direction-finder, which had three 3 InvV for 40-20-15 m, Kenwood TS-820S equipment, self-made amplifier at  2xGU-50 (little use of it).
I was operating on air alone, my colleague was fishing, making food and providing warm conditions.  I was working by telegraph – about 450 QSO. Unfortunately, the recording book was not saved. Some QSL-cards are attached; several of them are original ones.  I didn’t manage to bring any pictures – something went wrong either with camera or with the film.

Article about the expedition in the Italian magazine RadioRivista.

Last News

Nominated the R71RRC team “Best Russian IOTA expedition in 2016/2017”

Sunday, 24 September 2017
Nominated the R71RRC team “Best Russian IOTA expedition in 2016/2017”

The Council of the RRC has nominated the R71RRC team by special Plaq as the “Best Russian IOTA expedition in 2016/2017”

Video R71RRC

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Video film about the expedition R71RRC (full version).

The activation of AS-071 as R71RRC is approved

Monday, 05 June 2017

Received a message from the manager of the IOTA committee: Dear Victor, Thank you very much for the detailed documentation of the R71RRC operation. Your activation (s) are very greatly...