Arakamchechen Island





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On April 26 the list of issued plaques "Chukotka Journey 2017":
# 001 R9XC
# 002 RN3QN
# 003 RU3SD
# 004 EA2AA
# 005 W9OSI
# 006 BV6CC
# 007 RC2SB
# 008 RY2A
# 009 OE5BWN
# 010 RU9CZ
# 011 DL7UZO
# 012 US5MUW
# 013 RV9UCN
# 015 I2VGW
# 016 UA3IKI
# 017 UA4-094-516

According to Alexander RA3AV, work from the island of Arakamchechen (IOTA AS-071) is completed. Members of the expedition are in Provideniya town and waiting for a flight to Anadyr where on April 21 they plan to return to Moscow.

The R71RRC team arrived to the Provideniya village. The Heavy tracked all-terrain vehicle and supported snowmobile are ready to go. Gasoline generators (main and redundant) were checked. Tomorrow will be purchasing food and fuel.  Scheduled departure towards Island is on April 6th early morning local time.

According to the R71RRC team members, the expedition arrived on the island of Arakamchechen (AS-071). The target point of the route has not yet been reached due to the breakdown of the Heavy tracked all-terrain vehicle (GTT): "did not reach several kilometers". The territory does not allow to deploy fully. Currently, work is being done by one transmitter directly from an vehicle. Movement to the target place is planned to resume after repair of the tractor, within two days.

On April 2nd evening from Moscow to Anadyr will be flying Victor, UA3AKO and Alexander, RA3AV. The flight duration is more then 8 hours. Arriving to Anadyr is on afternoon local time. On April 4th the complete R17RRC team, i.e. Victor UA3AKO, Alexander, RA3AV and local HAM Yuri, UA0KBG will be flying to the Provideniya village. The flight duration is about two hours. Real time team location can we watched on the expedition WEB site