Arakamchechen Island





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The major task of the R17RRC expedition is to operate from the Arakamchechen Island. In case if we will face troubles to get to the Arakamchechen Island because of bad ice, weather conditions, we're preparing for the plan "B - to activate Kynkay Island. This island is not included to the AS-071 islands group. But we have received message from Roger, G3KMA saying that this island matches the RGGB IOTA program requirements. And in case if the R17RRC will activate this island it will be added to the AS-071 group shortly.  TNX UA9OBA.
We have received authorities permission to operate from this island. Also we have authorization from the Russian Board control Service of the Chukotka. We did sent request to the administration of the Beringiya NAtional PArk in order to obtain permission to be present on this island.
The Kynkay island located much closer to the Provideniya village and logistics to get there is easier.
But we repeat that our task is to get the North East part of the Arakamchechen Island. This part of Island is flatter and all directions are open.
Departure from Moscow to Anadyr in on April 2nd evening Moscow time. Departure from Anadyr to Provideniya village is on April 4th.
Upon arriving to the Provideniya village one or two team members will try to visit the Arakamchechen Island in order to choose the site location.
Before departure to the island we plane to check equipment and antennas. So there is possibility to be on the air from the Provideniya village using our own call signs.



We received good news from the Provideniya village – the starting point of our land part expedition.
The rover driver did check the thickness of the ice condition on its path the Arakamchechen Island. As for March 16th the ice thickness is well enough to pass it by heavy tracked machinery (rover) as planned. We hope that the ice conditions will remain the same at the start date of our expedition.





Permission to the border zone and conducting an expedition.




Shipment the expedition equipment and fitting-outs by a transport company from Moscow to Anandyr’.