Arakamchechen Island





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Operation in the air under the call sign R71RRC during the period  from April 7 through April 17 from the island of Arakamchechen AS-071.
There will be two operation positions at the ranges 40, 30, 20, 17 m, CW и SSB.
Transceivers Elecraft К-3 – 2 units, FT-857 – as a reserve, amplifiers 500 W – 2 units.
Antennas: 20 m - 4 SQ, 30 m – switched  2 el. or  GP, 17 m, CW и SSB.
P.S. Exact dates of start and finishing will depend on the local logistics and weather conditions, at that the stay at the island is planned at least 5-7 days.


Shack in the arctic-type tent equipped by a heater.



The route starts from the settlement of Provideniya, goes through settlement of Novoye Chaplino or by a mountain road directly to the strait and passing by the island of Yttygran to the island of Arakamchechen.

Before march to the island a preliminary exploration of the way will be done to check the ice thickness and depending on its thickness the proper type of the transport will be chosen.

If the ice is thick enough the march at the GAZ-71 go-anywhere vehicles is planned.

 All-terrain vehicle GAZ-71


If the ice is not thick to use the go-anywhere vehicles, a lighter transport will be used like Trecole cars or snowmobiles with trailers.

Car Trekol.

 The decision will be done at site taking into account the actual situation, after arrival at the Provideniya settlement, therefore some reserve of time is planned.

Last News

The thickness of ice on the way to the island

Saturday, 18 March 2017

We received good news from the Provideniya village – the starting point of our land part expedition.The rover driver did check the thickness of the ice condition on its path...

Permission to visit the border zone

Friday, 10 March 2017
Permission to visit the border zone

Permission to the border zone and conducting an expedition.